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Try our new cordless power tools range for full DIY versatility. Whether you need a Drill or Driver to screw, drill, hammer or drive nuts and bolts into surfaces, a Multi-Tool for cutting or sanding, or a Work Light to illuminate your work space, Gtech's got you covered.

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  1. Power Tool 20V Battery
    Power Tool 20V Battery

    The Gtech 20V Power Tool Battery has 100% compatibility with all our 20V Power Tool machines and chargers. The UB001 (2.5Ah) battery pack uses the latest lithium-ion battery technology with its inherent characteristics of longer run-times and minimal self-discharge for higher productivity and less downtime. Each battery includes a state of charge indicator, to help you manage performance.

  2. Power Tool Charger
    Power Tool Charger
    The Gtech 20V Power Tool range uses a common battery pack charger and is compatible with all our 20V Power Tool batteries. The UC001 battery charger can charge a 2.0Ah battery from empty in nearly 60 mins. A 2.5Ah battery charges from empty to full in around 75 mins. The charger has a long 1.8m cable and shows the charging status of each battery with a bright LED gauge.

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Cordless Power Tools from Gtech

Tackle your DIY with ease, with our range of cordless Power Tools.

All our Gtech Power Tools share an interchangeable battery and charger so you can build up your range at an affordable price. Chose from the bundle option for the complete set and extra bundle saving, or if you already have our Universal Power Tool Battery and Charger, choose the bare unit to keep adding to your collection. The battery is easy to remove and simply slots into place so you can quickly change and move through jobs in no time.

Gtech's battery powered tools are sturdy and easy to use. With no cord to hold you back, you're free to move around from your home, garden or shed with no trailing wires to trip over.

The Gtech Combi Drill is a versatile tool with quick change drill, hammer and screwdriver modes, ideal for driving jobs requiring precision.

Our Gtech Impact Driver is perfect for driving nuts, bolts and a whole variety of fixings into surfaces.

If you're in need of a multifunctional cutting and sanding tool, then look no further than the Gtech Multi-Tool. With an oscillating head that works with different attachments to cut and sand, and no cord to hold you back, you're free to move anywhere you need in your home or outside.

For a portable light source, try the Gtech Task Light for a small areas or on the move lighting options, or our Gtech Flood Light to illuminate larger spaces .