Vacuum cleaners for pet hair

Our pet vacuum cleaners are designed for day-to-day cleaning with technology that effortlessly helps to keep carpets and floors clear of pet hair. The pet vacuums are cordless and light weight for easy use and low main. Our best vacuums for pets are the upright AirRam K9, the handheld Multi K9 or combined System K9.

AirRam K9 Pet Vacuum Cleaner

What is the performance of the pet vacuum cleaners?

Our pet vacuums use a powered brush head to tackle dirt, debris and embedded pet hair across all floor tights and LED lights will illuminate those hard to reach areas. Plus they use aluminium parts so they can withstand the added strain of tougher cleaning challenges.

How long do the vacuums for pet hair take to charge?

Both the AirRam K9 and Multi K9 require 4 hours of charge which gives you up to 40 minutes run time for the AirRam K9 and 20 minutes run time for the Multi K9.

Are the pet hair vacuums cordless?

Yes, all Gtech vacuums are cordless making them perfect for quick and easy cleaning.

Do the pet vacuums come with different attachments?

Both our AirRam K9 and Multi K9 come with scented cartridges to keep your home smelling fresh as you clean. The Multi might be small but its range of versatile attachments assists you in big jobs. With an extension tube to add reach, you’ll be able to clean your home from floor to ceiling. The power head makes short work of your stairs, while the crevice tool lets you clean skirting boards and awkward areas around your home. The dusting brush is ideal for upholstery and car interiors.

You can also purchase the AirRam Speed Clean Kit to turn your AirRam into a handheld cleaner, or the Car Accessory Kit for enhanced car cleaning.

AirRam K9 Speed Clean Kit

What is the runtime of the pet vacuums?

You get up to 40 minutes run time with the AirRam K9 and 20 minutes runtime with the Multi K9 - thats 60 minutes of cleaning power if you use both.